Camomile + Lavender Aromatic Water Skin Tonic

Firain + Miss Bees Balms Camomile + Lavender Water Skin Tonic
Firain + Miss Bees Balms Camomile + Lavender Water Skin Tonic

Camomile + Lavender Aromatic Water Skin Tonic


Maker: Miss Bees Balms

I have spent a long time looking for skincare that lives up the hype, and I’m so excited to have found Miss Bees Balms which was established by a qualified medical herbalist with over 15 years experience and extensive knowledge of using herbs in skincare. No nasties here folks!

This is an exceptional calming facial skin toner. Very delicately scented camomile and lavender aromatic waters are combined to calm and sooth inflamed, irritated or sensitive skin. It can also be used to reduce nappy rash and post-shave irritation. 

This spray is produced from a gentle, time intensive, specific water distillation of aromatic plant materials; this uniquely balanced therapeutic product contains both minute droplets of essential oil in addition to the water soluble volatile properties of the plant - this provides a gorgeous whole plant application to refresh and revive, hydrate and tone the skin.  Alcohol-free, use it to complete your cleansing routine or spritz throughout the day as required. (I love to use these sprays when travelling to feel fresh as a daisy throughout the day.)

Choosing skincare online is sometimes tricky, so if you have any questions that aren’t answered here, please do get in touch using the contact form. For more useful information about this skincare range, please click here: Miss Bees Balms.

Product information

The aromatic water skin tonic is 100% natural and 100% vegan. The 100ml bottle is made from glass with a plastic spray pump (I reuse the bottles to make my own room scents).
Ingredients: matricaria recutita (german camomile) distilled aromatic water, organic lavandula angustifolia (lavender) distilled aromatic water.

Tested, very successfully, on humans not animals.

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