firain in the press and other kind words


It’s an honour to be featured on a podcast, in a magazine, or a blog or on Instagram. Please use the contact form to get in touch if you’d like to collaborate in some way or if you would like to use firain products in a styled shoot.

I’ve chopped off half my face here but I promise I am smiling!

I’ve chopped off half my face here but I promise I am smiling!

On the Make podcast with Josephine Brooks

Josephine is a productivity expert and helps people develop their side-hustles into fulfilling businesses. She invited me to talk on her podcast ‘On the make’ about selling online and the way wholesale can work for both the small independent shop and for the maker. I felt a little under-qualified to talk about this but Josephine was wonderfully kind and we had a good chat in this podcast.

If you listen and would like to chat more on this subject, please do get in touch…it has since become one of my favourite things to talk about!

I love pottering around in my stock room!

I love pottering around in my stock room!

91 Magazine - How to Start and Online Lifestyle Store

91 Magazine is one of the most vibrant and accessible independent magazines and I was so excited to be featured on the 91 magazine blog in the winter of 2018.

Deputy Editor and writer Huma Qureshi interviewed me alongside Emily Mathieson, owner of Aerende and Tabara N’Diaye, owner of La Basketry, which was in itself rather wonderful - these are two of my favourite shops owned by truly inspiring women.

We discussed the learning curves and rewards of running an online shop. If you’re interested in this subject, you might also enjoy my blog post on the Firain Journal, Joining in on the Instagram Challenge "March Meet the Maker" where I bare all about some of the challenges!



The lovely Therese Ørtenblad at  small business collaborative

The lovely Therese Ørtenblad at small business collaborative

Lets Talk Shop Podcast with Therese from the Small Business Collaborative

91 Magazine - Ethical Living: A Beauty + Skincare Guide

Stylist Kay Prestney has one of the most stimulating instagram accounts - @kinship_creativedc - with a focus on sustainable design. Kay was kind enough to feature the Printed Peanut shampoo bars in her brilliant feature about ethical skincare and beauty products on the 91 Magazine blog. Her styling is sensational and I will often look to her account for inspiration.

These soaps are no longer in stock but as you’ll know, all the skincare I’ve chosen for the apothecary collection is made with an emphasis on natural, high-quality products.

Mini Story - Small Business Collaborative

Therese is not only a loyal Firain customer but runs one of the most brilliant services for small businesses. she interviewed me for her website, small business collaborative, and I interviewed her for the Firain journal.

There are so many challenges to setting up a small business and SO MUCH noise out there to battle through to find good advice. Therese is an expert on wholesaling and she has a deep connection with and appreciation for start-ups and small bizzies which for me makes her stands out in the crowd.

Let’s Talk Shop Podcast with Therese from Small Business Collaborative

Therese interviewed me for the season 1 finale of her fantastic podcast, Let’s Talk Shop. We talked about:

  • The challenges of running a small business.

  • The pop-up shop with Rebecca from Ivy, Pip & Rose.

  • How I work with makers and small suppliers, what works and what doesn’t and how to build a good relationship between a maker and buyer.

  • My new business mentoring service.

  • How I encourage all her customers to really consider a purchase before buying something.

    Let me know if you listen!