frequently asked questions

if your question isn't answered here, please use the contact form to get in touch. it would be lovely to hear from you! 

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do you have a physical shop? 

firain is an online shop. maybe one day we will have a bricks and mortar boutique, but for now, i'm happy that the shop can open every day of the week, we can be found by people all over the world and i can work hard to offer a personal service that only a tiny business can.

my favourite item is out of stock - can you help?

i am here to help. use the contact form to get in touch (or send a message via instagram!) and i will do my very best to source the item for you. 

how do you choose your products? 

when you open your delivery from firain, i want you to feel joyful. so when choosing any new products, i remember our core values: we celebrate friendship through thoughtful gift-giving; we live for the thrill of adventures made more stylish through beautiful accessories; we long for the solace of a home that's carefully layered with sumptuous textiles and evocative scents. 

firain products are made by independent makers and artists who care about their craft and create unique pieces that are ethically made to last. i particularly support emerging makers and tiny businesses who are striving, like we are, to live in a slower and simpler way. i've written about each one in the meet the makers gallery. 

as a small business, it's not always possible to stock everything that i love, however if you think we would be a good fit for your products and you would like to get in touch about working together, please use the contact form

firain is a welsh word - do you speak welsh?

Rwy'n ceisio dysgu Cymraeg! 

do you ship worldwide?

we do! please see our delivery + returns page

can you include a special message with my gift? 

this is one of my favourite things to arrange. please write a message in the 'special instructions' section when you checkout, use the contact form or send a direct message on instagram to describe your special instructions. i try to make our deliveries a pleasure to open and including a personalised note is one way to do this. 

is your packaging recyclable? 

i aim to use as many recyclable materials as possible. for example, i use natural kiln dried wood wool to protect your firain purchases;  it would be great if you could reuse the packaging materials that are sent to you. 

did i hear you on a podcast?

yes you did. Josephine Brooks is a PRODUCTIVITY MENTOR FOR SIDE-HUSTLERS, and we recorded a podcast in the autumn of 2018 to discuss the ins-and-outs of running a small shop like firain. I was extremely nervous (first podcast!) but Jospehine is calm and experienced. To listen, click on episode 8 of ‘On the make’ and let me know what you think!

you often talk about gelato...what is your favourite flavour? 

it's an on-going research project but my current favourite is the double-chocolate from cariad gelato. we like to walk down to criccieth beach and treat ourselves from time to time.* 

*almost daily.