Welcome to Firain 


| Firain means noble, beautiful, fair and fine in ancient Welsh | 


Gathering together interesting discoveries and offering them for sale in a little boutique is a dream that so many have; in my case, the idea for a beautiful, curated shop has been whirring around my head for years. I'm so excited that since the autumn of 2017, the dream is slowly becoming a reality as I nestle with my husband into a calm pace of life in picturesque North Wales. 


Maybe you're like me . . . you love to find handmade wares that are designed by creative, ethical and passionate craftspeople. You're known for giving well-chosen gifts to your friends and you like to support small businesses. 


Through Firain, I aim to discover special pieces each with a tale to tell. Shop slowly, buy what you love, and let's begin the story...


Jo McCarthy 

F i r a i n 


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