Welcome to Firain 


Firain means noble, beautiful, fair and fine in ancient Welsh.


The idea for a little shop has been whirring around my head for years and I am excited that from autumn 2017, the dream is slowly becoming a reality. I hope you find some beautiful items here and we become somwhere for you to browse when looking for unique homewares, gifts and jewellery. 


Having lived in a few different countries and having set up home countless times, I am not in the business of disposable, quick fix purchases. Instead, like many others, the appeal to source more sustainable and thoughtful homewares, clothes, accessories and jewellery is becoming stronger and more attractive.


Wherever we nest, for however long it may last, it's important to enrich your environment with well-chosen pieces that you really love. We have launched with luxurious scandi-boho cushions by projekti tyyny, useful and beautiful concrete coasters by florence and moose and colourful jewellery by loela; our range is expanding all the time so check back regulalry to see what we are discovering!   


We hope to support small businesses whose passion and creativity is evident in the designs they sell. We have touched, smelt, tried on, sat on or tasted everything for sale (no nibbling of cushions, don't worry) and we know you will love the products as much as we do. 


Follow us on Instagram @firain_shop for updates and on Pinterest @shop_firain for lots of inspiration. 


Thanks for supporting our small businesses! 


Jo McCarthy

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